BoundGods – Professor’s Nightmare – Lane Colten, Derek Kage (Jul 5, 2024)

BoundGods – Professor’s Nightmare – Lane Colten, Derek Kage (Jul 5, 2024)
Lane Colten, a discontented student, has Derek Kage, a high-profile university professor, right where he wants him. After receiving a displeasing grade on a difficult project, Lane confronts Derek, threatening to reveal the latter’s illicit, submissive cravings. Unfazed by the prospect of disciplinary action, Lane asserts his dominance, forcing Derek to his knees. Throughout the day, Professor Kage is at the mercy of Lane’s outrageous sexual whims.
With a twisted smile, Lane commands Derek to crawl towards him, a demand that exposes the professor’s true nature. Derek, the epitome of a cock-hungry slut, eagerly awaits his fate. The scent of leather fills the room as Lane teases him, allowing Derek to catch a whiff before unleashing his own formidable manhood. Derek’s eyes widen as he’s made to beg for it, his mouth watering at the sight of the thick, meaty shaft.
Lane’s cock grows in response to Derek’s desperation, and he takes delight in forcing it down his throat, causing the professor to choke and gag. The power dynamics shift as Lane discovers the pitiful state of Derek’s own genitals and decides to add a layer of humiliation to their encounter. He locks Derek’s flaccid member in a chastity cage, then proceeds to whip him with a crop, reducing him to a quivering mess.
As the scene escalates, Derek is left standing, bound to his desk, gagged and drooling. The sound of the flogger echoes through the room as it meets his skin, leaving a trail of red marks and welts. Despite the pain, Derek seems to relish the treatment, his eyes fluttering with every strike.
The tables turn again as Derek is bent over the desk, ready for an even more intense experience. Lane’s powerful thrusts claim Derek’s tight ass, moving him from one position to the next with ease. The walls of the office shake as he takes Derek from behind, then throws him onto the floor for a more aggressive round. The professor’s moans of pleasure are music to Lane’s ears, culminating in a sticky finale that leaves Derek’s face covered in cum.
Leaving the defeated professor bound and trembling, Lane reminds Derek of the ultimatum: change the grade to an ‘A’ or face exposure. Alone and desperate, Derek finally succumbs to his own desires, jerking off to the memories of his degradation, cumming all over himself in a silent testament to his newfound subservience.

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