BoundGods – Debt Collector: Ian Holmes And Benvi (May 10, 2024)

BoundGods – Debt Collector: Ian Holmes And Benvi (May 10, 2024)
Ian Holmes, the imposing figure who had come to collect what Benvi owed, stood before him with a cold, calculating gaze. Upon seeing that Benvi had nothing to offer in return, Ian’s expression turned into one of amusement tinged with malice. He leaned in closer, speaking in a low, menacing voice, “I see you don’t have the money I’m owed, Benvi. That’s a shame. However, I’m feeling generous today. I’m going to give you a chance to earn your debt back. Every day that you don’t pay me, you’ll be spending here, in my dungeon. And every day, I’m going to torment and fuck you in bondage.”
Benvi’s heart raced as he listened to Ian’s words, his stomach twisting into knots. He knew what was coming next, and he couldn’t help but feel a mixture of fear and arousal.
Ian motioned for Benvi to get on his knees. The younger man obeyed, his eyes locked on Ian’s as he knelt before the imposing figure. Ian smiled, revealing a set of sharp, pointed teeth. “First things first,” he said, thrusting his boot forward. “Show your loyalty by licking the dirt from my boots.”
Benvi hesitated for a moment, feeling the heat of shame burning his cheeks. But he knew there was no other choice. He lowered his head and began to lick the leather of Ian’s boot clean, tasting the dust and grime that had accumulated on it. As he did so, he felt a strange sense of submission wash over him.
Next, Ian ordered Benvi to strip down to his underwear. With shaking hands, Benvi obeyed, quickly removing his clothes until he stood before Ian completely naked. Ian’s gaze raked over his body, taking in every inch of him, and Benvi felt himself grow hard despite the fear coursing through his veins.
Ian grinned, reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a nightstick, long and thick, and slowly approached Benvi. “Now, I want you to bend over that table,” he commanded. Benvi did as he was told, his muscles tensing in anticipation of what was to come.
With one swift motion, Ian shoved the nightstick against Benvi’s asshole. The younger man let out a yelp of surprise and pain, but there was no escaping the cold, hard length of wood that was now buried deep inside him. “This is my dick, Benvi,” Ian growled. “And I’m going to fuck you with it until you’ve paid me back in full.” He thrust the nightstick in and out of Benvi’s ass, making the younger man’s body jerk with each thrust. “And you’re going to enjoy every second of it.”
As if to prove his point, Ian withdrew the nightstick and replaced it with his cock, thrusting into Benvi’s reluctant hole with enough force to make him gasp for breath. He began to pound away at Benvi’s ass, his powerful strokes making the younger man’s body jerk and writhe in time with his movements. Benvi could feel the nightstick still lodged inside him, and with every thrust, it twisted and turned, sending waves of pleasure-pain coursing through his body.
The next few days passed in a blur of bondage, torment, and forbidden pleasure. Ian showed no mercy, using Benvi’s body for his own twisted pleasure again and again. He tied him up in ropes, chains, and leather straps, stretching his limbs to their limits and pushing him to the very edge of endurance. He clamped his nipples, whipped his back, and shocked his sensitive flesh with electrical currents.
But through it all, there was one constant: the knowledge that each time Ian fucked him, each time he brought Benvi to orgasm against his will, they were one step closer to paying off the debt. And with each orgasm, Benvi felt a small piece of himself break free from the chains that had been holding him back, leaving him more open and vulnerable than ever before.
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