665BDSM – Painful Boys Kiss (Jan 21, 2024)

665BDSM – Painful Boys Kiss (Jan 21, 2024)
Master James stood tall, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction as he watched the two boys under his control. They were bound tightly, their bodies arched and exposed, their chests heaving with each ragged breath. The painful cock cages hung heavily between their legs, their cocks straining against the metal bars, begging for release. The Master smiled cruelly, savoring the sight of their suffering.
He stepped forward, his hand moving to caress one of the boys’ flushed cheeks. “Ah, how beautiful they are,” he purred. “So desperate for pleasure, so willing to endure pain for me.” His other hand reached down, gently stroking the boy’s cock through the confines of the cage. The boy’s hips bucked involuntarily, his breath hitching in his throat.
“But I think it’s time for a little reward,” Master James whispered, his voice like silk coating steel. He moved to stand behind the boy, his hardness pressing against the boy’s exposed ass. With a single, powerful thrust, he buried himself deep inside the boy’s aching body. The boy cried out, arching his back as he felt the Master’s warmth fill him.
The other boy, watching from the sidelines, couldn’t help but feel a surge of jealousy course through him. He wished it were him who was being taken, being made to feel the Master’s touch. But for now, he had to content himself with watching, his own cock straining against the confines of his cage as he imagined what it would feel like to be taken by Master James.
As the Master began to move within the boy, their hips locked together, their sweat mingling on their skin. The boy’s moans filled the air, echoing off the cold, hard walls. The other boy’s heart raced, his own desire growing more urgent with every thrust. He longed to feel the Master’s touch, to be loved and cherished in the same way.
But for now, all he could do was watch, and wait. And hope.

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