665BDSM – Machine Fucked On Cross (Jun 09, 2024)

665BDSM – Machine Fucked On Cross (Jun 09, 2024)
Butters is in a world of hurt on the X device, and it’s not just physical. The training he’s going through is designed to transform not only his dynamic with those in charge, but also his entire perspective on life and even his personality. It’s an intense process that relies heavily on routines to keep everything structured and consistent. Routines provide a foundation for daily life, weekly rituals, and long-term development within the D/s relationship.
Within the training, routines take many forms. There are daily reminders, weekly confessions, and even more long-term rituals that serve to reinforce the roles and power dynamics between the Master or Mistress and the slave or submissive. These routines aren’t just about punishment or humiliation; they’re integral to the development of a real-life D/s relationship. The use of punishment, humiliation, and control are all tools used within these routines, but they’re not the end goal. Instead, they’re means to an end, serving to deepen the bond between those involved and create a sense of mutual understanding and trust.
Butters is learning that obedience isn’t just about following orders; it’s about becoming an integral part of something bigger than himself. Through dressage training, he’s learning how to navigate the complex web of rules and procedures that govern their world. He’s also discovering that the lines between reality and fantasy can blur when you dedicate yourself to a lifestyle like this.
The training isn’t just about making Butters submit; it’s about helping him find his place within the world they’ve created together. It’s a journey of self-discovery and growth, one that will shape him in ways he never imagined possible. And while it may be difficult at times, Butters knows that the rewards of submission and obedience are more than worth the effort.

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